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This Program is custom designed for STONY BROOK Students.  The following resources are availble in the Final exam package deal:

  • Chapters 25-27 Theory review and problems
  • All Midterm Mega Review Theory & problem solving Videos
  • Detailed Video Explanations for semester Workshops (Part 1 & 2)
  • Select pre-class quiz explanations
  • 200+ old final exam problems with detailed video solutions
  • Synthesis Strategies & examples
  • Theory Summary Sheets

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    Todd Rothman Todd Rothman has been tutoring Organic Chemistry for over 15 years. To date, he has helped thousands of students excel in their undergraduate organic chemistry course. Todd is a captivating and compelling tutor, and he maintains the uncanny ability to make the most complex topic seem elementary. His dedication to supporting his students is amazing, as he commits hundreds of extra hours to ensure that his students understand the test material and are prepared to maximize their point total on any given exam.

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