About Us

About Streaming Tutors

Streaming Tutors is the leading provider of online tutoring geared toward the academic needs of college students. Through innovation in learning and technology we connect accomplished academic subject experts with students via our online tutoring module. Since its beginning, Streaming Tutors has helped thousands of students achieve higher GPAs, get into prestigious graduate programs, attain desirable job offers, and achieve a better standard of education.

Streaming Tutors is committed to providing advanced and highly comprehensive online tutoring sessions in the toughest subject matters, including Organic Chemistry, Calculus, Genetics, General Chemistry, and Microbiology. We offer a personalized one-on-one tutoring experience via our online learning modality that has made it possible for students the world over to master tough academic subjects.

How It Works:

We have perfected an exam preparation method that breaks down the toughest concepts in pre-health science courses from scratch, making the material easy to learn and retain. We then apply this knowledge to deliberate problem solving within the course topic, which allows the student to master the material.

After 15 years of proven results our method has been customized to the way a student learns, engaging their cognitive ability and their visual and auditory senses. Our on-demand video lectures, asset library, practice exams, and discussion boards were created to work together to meet each student’s needs and overcome the challenges of learning. Streaming Tutors online courses are easy to follow and we guide you every step of the way.