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Todd Rothman

Todd Rothman has been tutoring Organic Chemistry for over 15 years. To date, he has helped thousands of students excel in their undergraduate organic chemistry course. Todd is a captivating and compelling tutor, and he maintains the uncanny ability to make the most complex topic seem elementary. His dedication to supporting his students is amazing, as he commits hundreds of extra hours to ensure that his students understand the test material and are prepared to maximize their point total on any given exam.

CHE 321 Review Sessions

Below is a breakdown of my Final Exam Review Program.

- Chapter 13 & 14 theory & problem-solving videos
- Access to all my Office Hour Meetups this semester

Mega Review Includes
- Mega Review Summary Sheets
- 200+ old exam problems with detailed explanations
- Retrosynthesis strategies & examples
- Detailed Video Explanations for all Workshops this semester (Part 1 & 2)

Online Live Review Sessions & Office Hours
We will meet online to go over class material together. This Sunday thru Thursday evenings from 8 PM - 10 PM

Pricing for Todd's Final Exam Review Program
Final Exam Subscription ……… $130
         Everything above is included (online videos & online office hour sessions)
         Subscription expires on 12/14/18 at 11 AM (after your final exam)
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course duration

94h 28min

Organic Chemistry 2

In this tutorial program, Todd teaches you the theory and application of organic chemistry by showing you how to become a better critical thinker and applying this skill to intense problem solving.

course duration

91h 20min

Organic Chemistry 1

ATTENTION TO ALL SBU CHE 321 STUDENTS! Click here for Todd's Mega Review

Our orgo tutorial program is designed to help any student taking organic chemistry (regardless of past performance) achieve confidence with the subject matter and ultimately lead to higher test scores.  We utilize intense problem solving, detailed theory review videos along with motivation and reinforcement of the key underpins of orgo to help you reach mastery in a very short time frame!  You can preview our program by clicking the eye icons below or you can create a free user account to watch a full chapter of videos and study notes for free!

course duration

79h 59min