BIO 358/CEB 553/BIO 558 2 ed

In the course, we explore diverse biological theories of human origins, properties and history. The course is designed for majors in all disciplines - sciences, social sciences and humanities. We take a remarkable journey through the entire diverse human story. We understand our origins as biological creatures and our relationship to other animal species. We explore the origins of our diverse uniquely human properties - including complex language, our large powerful minds, our elaborate ethical/political sense and our vast ecological dominance. Finally, we investigate how all of human history emerges, not as a process inscrutable to scientific analysis, but rather as a straightforward product of our biological heritage. By the end of the course your understanding of yourself, of other people and the human past and future will be enlarged and changed profoundly. New insight into our nature allows us to understand how to approach the building of a better, more humane future. Students often name this course as the one they take at Stony Brook that most changes their lives.

course duration

21h 46min


Welcome to Biochemistry.

Biological organisms are just a specific kind of chemical system.  All the laws of physics and chemistry apply to them and to their biochemistry. 

This program is designed to guide you through the theory and application of biochemistry.  We look forward to taking the journey of learning this subject with you.

course duration

60h 3min

CHE 321 Review Sessions

Below is a breakdown of my First Exam Review Program.

- Chapter 5-8, 12 theory & problem-solving videos
- Detailed Video Explanations for all Workshops (Part 1 & 2)
- Detailed Video Explanations for select Pre-Class Quizzes
- Study guides and review sheets

Mega Review Includes
- Mega Review Summary Sheets
- Videos explaining the details for each page of my Summary Sheets
- 150+ old exam problems with detailed explanations
- Retrosynthesis strategies & examples

Online Live Review Sessions & Office Hours
We will meet online to go over material together.  Everyone has a chance to ask questions or just kick back and let Todd go over stuff.  Sessions are held in the evening.

Pricing for Todd's Final Exam Review Program
         Exam 2 Subscription ……… $120
         Everything above is included (online videos & online office hour sessions)
         Subscription expires on 10/24/19 at 11 PM (after your exam)
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course duration

189h 18min

General Chemistry

Welcome to the exciting world of General Chemistry!

General Chemistry is an intense course that requires a mastery of problem solving in order to succeed. There is simply NO way around it.       

The sole purpose of our online chemistry tutorials is simple:  To help you master chemistry by showing you how to develop the fundamental problem solving skills that will help prepare you for your exams in less time and less effort!

course duration

42h 45min


This program is designed for science majors, and examines all of the major aspects of biological information. Beginning with the discoveries of Mendel in the late 1800’s, the course follows through to the exciting discoveries of the present.

Genetics is an intense course and one of a few biology courses that requires detailed problem solving and good math and analytical skills. It is required for the biology major at many institutions, and highly recommended for those pursuing entrance to Medical School. This makes it quite a challenging study, but a rewarding one as well!

course duration

46h 26min

Human Biology

Human Biology is a non-majors course introducing the human being, Homo sapiens, as a biological organism. We will emphasize the relationships humans share with other living organisms, through their common evolutionary descent, and the place of humans in the world in terms of our interactions with other organisms and our environment. This will become the framework for a detailed look at the structure and function of the human body. We will take a hierarchical approach, emphasizing the contribution of each "layer" to homeostasis and dissecting each major organ system to determine its contribution to the well-being of the organism. Finally, we will introduce genetic concepts, from chromosomal behavior and the inheritance of genetic traits to DNA and molecular biology. The ultimate goal is to familiarize human beings with their own bodies, their place in the biosphere, and their fascinating genetic heritage.

course duration

9h 48min


The science of Microbiology has offered profound insights, many within the last century, into the biological world and the relationships of human beings with their surroundings. Vital discoveries regarding microorganisms led to revolutions in several fields, including medicine, and provided tools and techniques that would allow the modern field of molecular biology to flourish. This course will explore the major areas of microbiology, including: Principles of microscopy and staining Structure and function of prokaryotic cells Growth and growth control of bacteria Classification of microorganisms Viral replication strategies Interactions between pathogen and host A survey of microbial disease The course will allow both biology students and non-majors alike to come to know our unseen companions, and appreciate both the beauty and challenges of sharing our world with microorganisms.

course duration

17h 20min

Organic Chemistry 1

Our orgo tutorial program is designed to help any student taking organic chemistry (regardless of past performance) achieve confidence with the subject matter and ultimately lead to higher test scores.  We utilize intense problem solving, detailed theory review videos along with motivation and reinforcement of the key underpins of orgo to help you reach mastery in a very short time frame!  You can preview our program by clicking the eye icons below or you can create a free user account to watch a full chapter of videos and study notes for free!

course duration

79h 59min

Organic Chemistry 2

In this tutorial program, Todd teaches you the theory and application of organic chemistry by showing you how to become a better critical thinker and applying this skill to intense problem solving.

course duration

91h 20min