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Paul Bingham

Paul M. Bingham earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, where he also continued to develop his fascination with fundamental unanswered questions about how humans evolved. During his 27-year career on the faculty of Stony Brook University, he has continued to explore human origins while also contributing to fundamental cell and molecular biology, including the discovery of the P element transposon and new approaches to cancer therapy.

BIO 358/CEB 553/BIO 558 2 ed

In the course, we explore diverse biological theories of human origins, properties and history. The course is designed for majors in all disciplines - sciences, social sciences and humanities. We take a remarkable journey through the entire diverse human story. We understand our origins as biological creatures and our relationship to other animal species. We explore the origins of our diverse uniquely human properties - including complex language, our large powerful minds, our elaborate ethical/political sense and our vast ecological dominance. Finally, we investigate how all of human history emerges, not as a process inscrutable to scientific analysis, but rather as a straightforward product of our biological heritage. By the end of the course your understanding of yourself, of other people and the human past and future will be enlarged and changed profoundly. New insight into our nature allows us to understand how to approach the building of a better, more humane future. Students often name this course as the one they take at Stony Brook that most changes their lives.

course duration

21h 46min


Welcome to Biochemistry.

Biological organisms are just a specific kind of chemical system.  All the laws of physics and chemistry apply to them and to their biochemistry. 

This program is designed to guide you through the theory and application of biochemistry.  We look forward to taking the journey of learning this subject with you.

course duration

60h 3min