System Requirements

Stay updated and everything will work

Internet connection/bandwidth
Our minimum requirement to watch a tutorial video is at least 3 Mbps.
Check your connection bandwidth or simply play a Streaming Tutors
sample video as a test.

Your Hardware
Mac or PC

Your Operating System
Mac OS X 10.4.11 as a minimum requirement
Windows XP SP3 as a minimum requirement

Your Browser
Please make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled.
Firefox 3.0, Safari 4.1.2, Chrome 11.0, Internet Explorer 7.0
as a minimum requirement

Your Player
Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher
Flash Player Activation Instructions:
Google Crome Click Here
Mozilla Firefox Click Here

iOS App
iPad 2 or higher
iOS 7 or higher




Below is a list of common troubleshooting steps you can take before contacting support. Almost all issues are resolved from these steps. After each step you should see if the site works for you. If it does then you do not need to continue with the other steps.

Tip For Stony Brook University Students:
If you connect to the internet through the University WIFI as “wolfi-guest” you will have issues playing videos. The solution is to connect with “wolfi-secure”

For All Users:

  • Step 1 iPad App
    If you are using an iPad you must run the Streaming Tutors application. You can download it from App Store: Click here for link to our app.
  • Step 2 Adobe Flash Player Updates
    Make sure you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Click here to update you Adobe Flash player.
    Flash Player Activation Instructions:
    Google Crome Click Here
    Mozilla Firefox Click Here
  • Step 3 Browser Updates
    Make sure you update your browser to the latest version.
    • For Internet Explorer click here
    • For Google Chrome click here
    • For Mozilla click here
    • For Opera click here
    • For Apple Safari click here
  • Step 4 High Speed Connection test
    Do you have a high speed internet connection? We require 3 Mbps or faster to run our videos.
    • Test your connection to our videos by playing below
      Click Here
    • Test your download speed below. Your download speed must be a minimum of 3Mbps or videos will not run correctly.
      Click Here
  • Step 5 Route Streaming Test
    If you continue to experience difficulty then you should run a test to our video servers to see if the issue is with you path to retrieve our videos. Please go to the site below and follow these instructions:
    Click here to run a test.

    • Type a Reference ID. This can be anything such as your first name
    • Click “test”. The tool will perform a small download and gather some diagnostics about your connection to our servers. This will help us understand if there are any path issues to and from our server to you.
    • Once the test is completed it will record the results and return a 'Customer GUID' value. Please send us this 'Customer GUID' so we can inspect your problem.
  • Step 6 Contact Us
    To contact us click the link below. Please be sure all fields are filled before submitting the contact form
    Contact Us

Support for Courses

Need help? We’re ready to guide you!

Submit a ticket for technical support. Technical support issues can range from your videos not playing to an activation code not allowing you access to courses. We can also advise on system requirements and how to adjust settings or any browser issues you may encounter.

While our courses should function perfectly on desktops and tablets, our courses may be challenging to view on a mobile device. Our platform utilizes the most updated technology and adheres to stringent web best practices. See our system requirements for more information.

Please clearly state your support issue and include your browser and operating system as well as any screenshots that can give us the information needed in order to resolve your issue. We will email you back and may schedule a call with you if we need more information.


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Kindly add the following topics to your subject line:

Course /Technical support
If you need help with a video player or activation code please place a ticket at See how to place a ticket

Account support
If you have any questions about your registration or personal information we will promptly provide assistance.

Billing support
If you have a question or concern with billing, payment or use of a credit card payment we will work hard to resolve your issue right away.

Customer Service
If you have any non-billing, account or technical issues we are happy to answer your questions about our service or courses.

Streaming Tutors welcomes your feedback at any time.

Other Please indicate “Other” for any subjects not covered above.

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