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Our exclusive asset library has thousands of vivid art images, some with hot spots that you can click on and learn more about. Streaming Tutors use colorful art and animations in order to bring a course to life.

Our assets range from videos to animations to still images. They are used to engage your senses and heighten neural building during the learning process.

In addition to the extensive video library for each course,
students gain access to a powerful learning search
tool to find more information about a topic.

Discussion Boards

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As part of any study strategy, good communication is key. Streaming Tutors will hold discussions when appropriate to provide additional notes on complicated concepts or to give you tips for taking an exam. We also welcome your questions.

On-Demand Videos

We provide learning anywhere and anytime

2,372 Main Theory Videos

208 Supplemental Videos

44 Optional Assets

At the heart of the Streaming Tutors study system is the on demand video modality. In essence, we have compiled a series of video lessons combined with animations, images, exams, and interactive features as part of a robust strategy. The Streaming Tutors experience will give you the confidence to take any exam despite its difficulty level.

For your convenience, our videos are available to you at any time and we have an iPad app as well. Videos are a powerful way we can be there with you but it’s more than that. We use techniques to make these videos as effective as a live experience.

Practice Exams

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A critical part of the Streaming Tutors study system is the application of knowledge. Once we break down material the goal is to apply newly learned material to problems that will most likely appear on your exams.

Our exams have deliberate questions geared toward the toughest exam questions in academic subject courses across universities nationwide.

Practice makes perfect but we go one step beyond that so that you don’t waste your time. Our exams are designed to allow you to work smart.

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