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Daniel Weinstein

Daniel Weinstein received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Stony Brook University in 2013. He was a recipient of the Sei Sujishi Award, a scholarship recognizing the student with the highest overall average in General Chemistry for the calendar year of 2009. Even before then, Daniel worked as a math and science tutor in a variety of settings; from institutional tutoring centers to his own private practice. He strives to give students the clearest possible understanding of General Chemistry, so that they may reach their goals in college and beyond.

General Chemistry

Welcome to the exciting world of General Chemistry!

General Chemistry is an intense course that requires a mastery of problem solving in order to succeed. There is simply NO way around it.       

The sole purpose of our online chemistry tutorials is simple:  To help you master chemistry by showing you how to develop the fundamental problem solving skills that will help prepare you for your exams in less time and less effort!

course duration

42h 45min